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At Midtown Mercantile Merchants, we are always interested in providing our customers with an eclectic and diverse mix of inventory. It’s what distinguishes us from the competition!



Midtown Mercantile Merchants

                     Become a Dealer                                       at Midtown Mercantile Merchants!



12 reasons why you should join us as a merchant:

1. Largest Market Place in Tucson.

2. We are open 7 days a week.

3. We don’t believe in “clerking”, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is here to sell your product (our team has over 70 years of combined experience) YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!

4. We have staff to assist you with any needs you may have while working your space.

5. Aggressive advertising and marketing brings traffic into our store. Ads, Billboards, Social Media, Newsletters, Monthly Events and Public Relations.

6. Your monthly check pays rent, utilities, insurance or any other bills to run the business without any stress on you.

7. Best variety and mix of home product in Tucson to give customers one-stop shopping experience. – Not just antiques and vintage, we also offer handcrafted, custom-made, repurposed, nostalgic, quirky, and some new.

8. Wide aisles for easy shopping, well-lit and professionally maintained.

9. Electrical in every booth.

10. Security cameras throughout the Mall.

11. Floor space and promotions for Dealer-taught classes

12. We offer an array of varying sizes of rental space, from just wall space; to display cases; to various sized booths. We have you covered!

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